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Layer Zero Airdrop Guide: Add A Zero To Your Portfolio

One of the easiest ways to make money in crypto is receiving an airdrop. You can think of an airdrop as a reward that protocols will distribute to early adopters of their products. This is why trying new protocols in crypto (especially in a bull market) is worth your time.

layer zero airdrop

Today we’ll look at the rumoured upcoming Layer Zero airdrop. This article looks at protocols that use Layer Zero infrastructure to power their protocols. By using the protocols in this article, you can get your wallet listed for the airdrop.

Layer Zero is an on-chain application that can quickly send messages between blockchains. Developers can create applications that use LayerZero to send & receive messages between different blockchains. In other words, the Layer Zero technology makes it easy to quickly and safely exchange tokens across different blockchains.

Layer Zero Airdrop Guide

Establishing a wide footprint across the Layer Zero ecosystem will get you eligible for the airdrop. The more transactions, volume, and unique smart contracts associated with your wallet, the larger your Layer Zero allocation will be.

Aim to move at least $10,000 worth of transactions between these protocols to put yourself in a good position to receive the airdrop. The $10,000 number is cumulative volume, meaning you can transfer $100 100 times until you hit the $10,000 mark. The goal is to build up volume across all these protocols. You also want to do as many transactions with Layer Zero protocols as possible.

While using the protocols below, you can use these checkers to track your progress. The requirements for the Layer Zero airdrop are still unknown, so you’ll see different results depending on which checker you use.


WOOFI is a decentralized exchange that offers multiple services to its users. With WOOFI, you can single-side stake certain assets to earn yield and move your tokens across different blockchains with minimal fees.

We want to use the cross-blockchain swap feature to build up volume for the airdrop. All you need to do is transfer funds from one blockchain to another. To make this efficient as possible, only use Proof Of Stake blockchains like Avalanche, Arbitrum, and Binance Smart Chain. If you do swaps on Ethereum, you’ll need to pay the high ETH gas fees, which is an issue if you’re doing multiple transactions to build up volume.


Cashmere is basically a protocol for swaps built on Layer Zero. Cashmere is unique because they protect against MEV bots without users having to do anything.

Since this is one of the first projects on Layer Zero, there’s a good chance that interacting with the protocol will count towards the Layer Zero airdrop.

cashmere layer zero quests
Click “show quests” next to swap

Complete all the quests and do as many swaps as possible using Cashmere. You can also test the Goeril Ethereum testnet through Cashmere.

Layer Zero Bridges


ShimmerBridge is a new web app that makes it easy to transfer EVM tokens between blockchains. The ShimmerBridge users Layer Zero smart contracts to execute these transfers.

Use the ShimmerBridge to swap tokens to and from multiple blockchains. Keep in mind, you’ll need gas on new destination chains in order to move your funds.

When bridging to the Shimmer network, you can click “Add” which will give you SMR for transactions on the Shimmer network. Enter an amount between 0.1-1 SMR which is enough to do a few transactions.

layer zero airdrop add gas shimmerbridge

You’ll need around $1 (~50 SMR) for every cross chain swap leaving the Shimmer network. You can use the ShimmerSea dex to swap your bridged assets into SMR for gas.

Follow this detailed guide for bridging between blockchains:


Sushi is one of the most popular protocols on Ethereum. Sushi started as a DEX, and now they also provide cross-chain swaps. Just like with WOOFI, transfer your assets across different blockchains to build up volume for the airdrop. Remember to avoid the Ethereum chain since you’ll have to pay higher fees.


deSwap is another cross-chain swap protocol powered by Layer Zero smart contracts. Just like with the other protocols in this article, try and build up as much volume and transactions as possible with deSwap.

Keep in mind, you’ll need gas whenever you bridge to a new chain.

Select your origin chain, your destination chain, and enter the address you want to receive the funds.

deSwap is fast but the fees are on the expensive times. It’s worth using a few times to add a new contract to your footprint.

Bitcoin Bridge

core wallet layer zero

If you’re an OG Bitcoiner, you’re in luck. Bridging Bitcoin with Layer Zero can get you listed for the airdrop.

Using the Bitcoin Bridge through the Core wallet is an easy way to get started. Start by adding the core extension to your browser, then creating a new account.

With your account created, go back to the home page, and click connect wallet.

Next, click Portfolio on the left side of the screen. Then click Bridge once you’re on the portfolio page.

core wallet

Now you can click the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen and select Bitcoin. This will bring up an address where you can send Bitcoin (from the Bitcoin blockchain) and receive BTC.b on Avalanche. With your BTC now on Avalanche, you can stake and earn rewards and interact with other protocols.

bitcoin chain layer zero airdrop
bitcoin address layer zero

Transferring funds back and forth using the Bitcoin bridge will add to your cumulative volume for the layer zero airdrop. Avalanche will also airdrop some AVAX for transaction fees for every $75 that you send across the bridge.

Angle Bridge

Angle is a Layer Zero protocol that enables fast bridging between EVM blockchains. Again, using the Angle protocol will count toward your total volume for the airdrop.

Simply connect your Metamask wallet to the Angle App and go to the Bridge page.

Once you’re on the bridge page, you can move your funds between the available chains.

Because you need to use Angle coins while bridging (agEUR or agUSD) make sure your destination chain has liquidity for these coins. Arbitrum, Avalanche

angle app layer zero

Pudgy Penguin Bridge

If you own a Pudgy Penguin NFT, you can use the new Layer Zero bridge to build up volume for the airdrop. You can move your Penguin NFT between Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum.

layer zero airdrop pudgy penguins bridge

Layer Zero Airdrop Guide Summary:

  • Airdrops are a lucrative way to grow your portfolio by being an early user of new protocols.
  • Layer Zero is an on-chain application that allows quick message exchanges between blockchains.
  • Rumors suggest Layer Zero is tracking wallet volume, transactions, unique smart contract interactions, and active months, days, and weeks across specific DEXs and protocols.
  • Aim to move at least $10,000 worth of transactions across these protocols.
  • Building volume across different protocols is crucial for airdrop eligibility.
  • Use the Layer Zero checkers to track progress after swaps:
  • WOO FI (Centralized & Decentralized Exchange):
    • Offers single-side staking and cross-blockchain swaps with minimal fees.
    • Use Proof of Stake blockchains for efficient swaps, avoiding high Ethereum gas fees.
    • WOOFI Link
  • Sushi Swap:
    • Originating as a DEX, Sushi now provides cross-chain swaps.
    • Transfer assets across different blockchains, excluding Ethereum for lower fees.
    • Sushi Swap Link
  • Cashmere (Layer Zero Protocol):
    • A protocol built on Layer Zero protecting against MEV bots.
    • Interacting with Cashmere likely contributes to Layer Zero airdrop eligibility.
    • Cashmere Testnet Link
  • Bitcoin Bridge (Connecting Bitcoin with Layer Zero):
    • Bridging Bitcoin with Layer Zero qualifies for the airdrop.
    • Use Core wallet for easy initiation, involving adding the core extension.
    • Core Wallet Link
  • Angle Bridge (Fast Bridging Between EVM Blockchains):
    • Angle, a Layer Zero protocol, enables rapid bridging between EVM blockchains.
    • Connect Metamask to the Angle App and start building volume.
    • Angle Bridge Link
  • Pudgy Penguin Bridge (NFT Bridge for Airdrop):
    • Pudgy Penguin NFT owners can use the Layer Zero bridge for airdrop eligibility.
    • Move Penguin NFTs between Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum.
    • Pudgy Penguin Bridge Link
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