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How To Get Listed For Profitable Airdrops On Solana

ProtocolAirdrop StatusPoints System?Points Boost Code?
Jup.agRound 2 in progressNo
Tensor NFTRumoredNo
Kamino FinanceRound 2 in progressYes
Magic EdenRumoredNo
This table shows current status of Solana airdrops as of 2/5/2024

Solana Protocols With Upcoming Airdrops:


On November 15th, 2023, the Jupiter Protocol confirmed their plans for an airdrop.

While the first round of airdrops is over, you can still become eligible for the next three rounds.

Use the different products on jup.ag – set limit orders, execute swaps, and build up your transaction volume as much as possible. Since transaction fees are so cheap on Solana, you can execute a bunch of actions without worrying about losing money to fees.

The first round of the airdrop gave a x5 volume boost for transactions made using the limit order and DCA function. Farming Jupiter now is a good idea now that attention has shifted to other airdrops.

An image of the Juipter swap interface, make as many swaps as possible to increase your footprint


Parcl Protocol

The Parcl protocol uses an Automated Market Maker design to offer decentralized perpetual contracts for trading real estate markets.

You can deposit USDC to long or short different real estate markets across the globe. The Parcl protocol also allows you to add leverage to your trades. While interacting with Parcl, you’ll earn points that will have a future use case within the protocol.

You can also provide liquidity on Parcl to increase your volume and total transactions in the protocol. Adding liquidity to the protocol is the easiest way to build points without having to manage your account.

Parcl is currently on season 3 for points. Users are getting point boost for being involved in each season.

Passively provide liquidity on Parcl to get the airdrop, you can also actively trade real estate markets to earn more points


Read how the Parcl protocol works here – https://docs.parcl.co/

Enter code sca to get a 5% boost on your points for the airdrop.

Drift Protocol

Drift recently announced their points system which will lead into their token generation event. If you were using Drift protocol prior to December 2023, you should be eligible for an OG points boost.

Deposit some SOL into Drift to start building up your activity. Your deposited SOL will automatically start earning interest and you can use the same SOL to make trades or provide liquidity. Both of these actions will help you build activity for their airdrop.

Trade and provide liquidity on Drift to get the airdrop, this image shows the perp trading interface

Check out this detailed breakdown of actions that help you earn points. You’ll also notice certain markets on Drift are incentivized with a points boost. Right now trading SOL markets gets you a 5x boost and trading W markets gets you a 2x boost.

An explanation of Drift trader points


https://app.drift.trade/ref/sca – get 5% off your trading fees and support us by using our ref link!


JitoSol successfully distributed the JTO token with an airdrop. The JITO points system gave people 1 point per Solana each day they staked with JitoSol.

The lowest tier of user received 4941 tokens, valued at around $1.70 at launch, making this a lucrative airdrop for JITO’s users.

With the successful launch of JTO, Jito remains the leading liquid staking protocol on Solana. The success of the JTO airdrop has also set a standard of what users expect in terms of token distribution and monetary return.

jto airdrop distribution
This images shows how the JTO airdrop was distributed, the smallest users received 4941 tokens valued around $4000 at launch.




MarginFi is a popular lending protocol on Solana. Start Supplying and borrowing assets to build up your volume. You can also stake your SOL for LST. Using all the MarginFi protocol options will help you build points.

This image shows the MarginFi interface

Backpack NFT

Backpack is an NFT marketplace and wallet, all in a single mobile & computer app. Backpack plans to launch an exchange in the future. 

Start by installing the Backpack wallet on your phone or computer.


Once you have the wallet set up, buy some NFTs and use the wallet to make swaps. Again, build up as much volume as you can.

This image shows the different ways you can download the Backpack App

The Backpack/Pyth drop allows people to stake SOL to receive PYTH. However, you need to complete KYC to become eligible for this drop.

Tensor NFT

Tensor is another NFT marketplace with a rumored upcoming airdrop.

As usual, building up your activity on the Tensor platform will help you become eligible for the airdrop. Deposit some SOL into your Tensor wallet which will allow you to use their bid system. Bidding on collections in the top 100 will give you loyalty points.

Holding Tensor’s flagship collection, Tensorians, will increase your eligibility. Staking your Tensorian on Tensor will also contribute to your rank.

Kamino Finance

Kamino Finance is a protocol that incentivizes liquidity for DEXs by giving rewards to users. 

The Kamino protocol allows you to supply assets to earn yield. Then, you can also borrow against your deposited collateral. Check out this overview of Kamino Finance where we go into which actions are most likely to get you listed for an airdrop.

If your portfolio is small, you can use Kamino’s Multiply function to maximize the amount of points you earn. The Multiply function loops your collateral and allows you to earn staking rewards with more money than you put in. The multiplier also applies to points which will help you climb the leaderboard fast.

This image shows how Kamino’s kLend system works, provide liquidity to become eligible for season 2 of the airdrop.

Magic Eden

Magic Eden is another NFT marketplace and a rival to Tensor. There’s a good chance both teams will try and out do each other when it comes to airdrops and rewarding their userbase.

Magic Eden announced they will launch a token with the ticker NFT.

Holding Magic Eden’s NFT, Magic Tickets, is rumoured to get you listed for an airdrop. Logging in daily, buying NFTs at floor price, and collecting diamonds are actions you can take to build activity and get listed for the airdrop.

Magic Eden also has a loyalty program which will likely play a factor in how the tokens are distributed at launch.


This image shows the Magic Tickets NFT collection

Solana Airdrops Summary

This article covered just a few upcoming airdrop opportunities on Solana. You can use a website like Whales Market to see how much points are selling for on the over the counter market. The prices people are willing to pay can give you an idea how lucrative an airdrop can be when the token is released.

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