how to add sei mainnet to keplr

How To Add SEI Mainnet To Keplr: 4 Quick Steps

Ready to dive into the SEI ecosystem? This article will show you how to add SEI mainnet to Keplr in 4 quick steps, then we’ll look at how to get SEI tokens in your wallet.

SEI is a layer 1 blockchain trying to scale transactions with parallel execution. Parallel execution works by grouping resources that smart contracts use together and then executing the request for resources simultaneously. This design allows transactions that don’t need these resources to get processed without delay.

How To Add SEI Mainnet To Keplr        

Step 1 – Download Keplr

The first step is to add Keplr to your browser of choice. Go to your browser’s app store (Chrome WebStore, Firefox Addons, etc) and search for Keplr.

Once you have Keplr downloaded, you can pin it to your toolbar for easy access.

Step 2 – Create Your Wallet

The next step is to create a new Keplr wallet or import an old wallet. If you already use MetaMask, click “important an existing wallet,” and you can enter your recovery phrase, which will create a Keplr account associated with your MetaMask wallet.

If you need a new wallet, click “create a new wallet” then click “create new recovery phrase.”

Step 3 – Save Your Recovery Phase + Create A Password

This next step requires you to save your recovery phrase and password. Keep these 2 pieces of information in a safe place, ideally not on your computer. If anything ever happens, you can recover your wallet and the funds with your recovery phrase and password.

Next, you’ll need to confirm a few words from your recovery phrase, give your wallet a name, and create a secure password.

On the next page, select Cosmo Hub (and any other chains you want to connect to), then click save.


Step 4 – Add SEI Mainnet To Keplr

With your Keplr wallet downloaded, you can use, which is a website that allows you to add non-native chains to Keplr. 

Go to the website and search for SEI. Make sure you add SEI mainnet and not testnet or devnet.

Click “add to Keplr” then click approve in your wallet.


Congrats! You just learned how to add SEI mainnet to Keplr!

How To Find Your SEI Address

After you add SEI mainnet to Keplr, open Keplr, and scroll down until you see SEI. Hover above the icon to copy your address with 1 click.

How To Add SEI To Your Keplr Wallet

The final step is sending SEI tokens to your wallet for gas, staking, and other transactions.

If you’re buying SEI from a centralized exchange (SEI is on Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Bitfinex etc), you can just buy SEI, then send it to your Keplr address.

If you already have crypto, you can use a website like to exchange crypto for SEI.

Make sure you enter your SEI address from keplr. Then, choose how much you want to send and from which blockchain.

You can also use to exchange different cryptocurrencies for SEI. Make sure you enter your correct wallet address.

RocketX is another swap service you can use to convert your crypto to SEI.


This article gives you everything you need to add SEI mainnet to Keplr and add SEI tokens to your wallet for transactions.

Check out this article here for examples of protocols you can use on the SEI blockchain. Using protocols early (especially protocols without tokens) can help you get listed for future airdrops.

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