user friendly wallets for bitcoin nfts

3 User Friendly Wallets For Buying Bitcoin NFTs

What Are Ordinals?

Put simply, Ordinals are NFTs on Bitcoin. Ordinals work by attaching visual data (images and videos) to individual satoshis.

The word Ordinal comes from the Ordinal Theory, which is used to organize ordinals on the Bitcoin blockchain. The blockchain uses Ordinal Theory to give each individual Satoshi a unique number, making it easy to distinguish NFTs and NFT collections.

The term inscription refers to the data (inscribed) within a Satoshi, in our case, pixilated animals and other NFTs.

In this article, we’ll look at the 3 easiest wallets that you can use to hold Bitcoin and manage your Ordinal portfolio.


3 Wallets For Buying Bitcoin NFTs


UniSat is an open-source Chrome browser extension that lets you manage Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens.

You can download UniSat with the official links on their website.

add unisat to chrome

With UniSat added to your browser, create a new account, a new password, and save your recovery phrase. For address type, choose Native Segwit.

Now you have a wallet where you can send and receive BTC while also connecting to Ordinal marketplaces.

UniSat also allows you to trade Atomicals (ARC-20), which are another type of asset integrated into the bitcoin blockchain. You can enable ARC-20s in your wallet under the Atomicals tab. UniSat also has a marketplace for ARC-20 tokens.

Ordinals Wallet

As one of the first marketplaces to offer Ordinals, Ordinals Wallet also has their own wallet integrated into their marketplace.

You can create a new wallet directly on their website. Add a password and save your recovery phrase.

create ordinals wallet

Once your wallet is created, you’ll be reminded to send only Bitcoin and Ordinals to this address. Anything else will get lost.

Using the Ordinals Wallet website, you can inscribe media to the blockchain and trade using the marketplace. The Ordinals Wallet is integrated into their website, so you don’t need to worry about downloading another browser extension.

inscribe media to bitcoin


Phantom recently announced support for Bitcoin and Ordinals within their wallet. With Phantom being one of the most popular wallet extensions, you can interact with Ordinals in a familiar interface.

If you don’t already have Phantom, head to the Chrome App store and download the extension.

Create a password and save your recovery phrase.

create phantom wallet

Once you have Phantom downloaded, click the settings icon, then click Active Networks and enable the Bitcoin network.

Now, you can buy Ordinals through Phantom on all the Ordinals marketplaces.

Where Can You Buy Ordinals & BRC-20 Tokens?

Now that you have your wallet downloaded, you can use one of the websites below to start buying ordinals. Start by sending Bitcoin to your new wallet; then, you can connect your wallet to the marketplace. Now you can buy, sell, and trade Ordinals and BRC-20s like normal.

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